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Our service is unparalleled in its quality, efficiency and attention to detail.

As a leading company in Thailand’s cosmetic surgery and holiday tourism industry, we decided to offer O’leste beauty products for our patients and interested travelers.

the brand story

Under our resolution, “The new dimension of beautiful skin with deep nourishing,” the Maya & Co research team devotes 4 years of research on advanced technology, incorporating natural extracts from all over the world to make the best skin care product available. O’lesté skin nourishing products, with 360-degree coverage, begins with cleansing, balancing and nourishing. It restores fresh, acne-free skin naturally, along with a glowing pink face within 3 weeks (depends on individual’s skin).

After a 4-year journey to find the best materials to enhance beauty, such as the most beautiful flowers and precious gems, these materials are brought into the research and development laboratory by Maya & Co. It takes 4 years to introduce this new dimension of beauty, which combines technology and nature like never before.

Wossapan Poomanee
Master Degree of Sciences

the bulgarian rose

The natural extraction process needs to be strictly controlled to align with natural processes so as to produce a product rich in vitamins, including amino acids, minerals, and organic acids. When combined, this leads to the secret formula that aids in the natural skin recovery process and wonderfully restores youthfulness.

This results from over 4 years of research in combining nature with technology. O’lesté enhances deeper nourishment with Nano Emulsion technology, which creates nourishing extracts small enough to be rapidly absorbed into the layers of skin cells. It boosts the building of new cells, tones the skin, tightens pores, and makes the skin radiant naturally.

Pimporn Leelapornpisid