Facial Mist


Mineral Ecology water uses an advanced technology that is capable of increasing energy in mineral water from a specially-selected Tourmaline source. This new technological application causes latent natural energy in Tourmaline to be released and produces Mineral Ecology water.

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Facial Mist

“Tightens pores, balances the skin, and prepares the skin for the nourishing process. It makes your skin feel fresh when applied.”

          Extracts from tourmaline and Bulgarian roses help restore skin radiance and aid in tightening the pores to prepare your skin ready for the next steps in skin nourishment.

Tourmaline: Gem-like beauty

Tourmaline is a type of gem that is colorful and highly popular; it is often used in accessories, making it quite expensive. Maya & Co’s research team has been trying to bring the beauty of the gem to your face using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in O’lesté Facial Cleanser and O’lesté Facial Mist, incorporating tourmaline as a main ingredient for beauty and freshness.

The search for tourmaline led to sources in Japan. The team then brought the gems to their laboratory to extract its essence, and continued their R&D for another 4 years. The research finally resulted in the perfect formulation, with the proprietary natural extracts of O’lesté, and became O’lesté Facial Cleanser and O’lesté Facial Mist. These products thoroughly cleanse your face, deep down to your pores, help tighthen your face and pores making them clear and rosy, and restore moisture to the skin creating gem-like beauty.

      Properties of tourmaline extracts

  1. Helps to gently peel off dull and damaged skin cells
  2. Produces new skin cells and regulates melanin production, the cause of blemishes
  3. Balances and returns moisture to the skin
  4. Helps create soft and smooth skin that looks lively all day long
  5. Helps tighten pores
  6. Helps brighten your skin and prolong cell life to always retain beautiful, perfect and youthful skin


What is Mist?

Mineral Ecology water

What are the outstanding features of this innovation?

Mineral Ecology water is an advance in technology that energizes mineral water sourced from specially selected tourmaline – a product of many years of research and development. This new kind of technology enables the release of the latent energy in tourmaline to produce Mineral Ecology water.

What are benefits of Mist?

Helps strengthen skin cells for moisture-deficient and dry skin.
Highly effective in penetrating skin cells for instant moisturizing.
Mineral Ecology water helps your makeup stay fast all day.

How often can I use this product?

You can use it throughout the day.

Will my makeup dissolve after spraying Mist?

Mist helps your makeup stay fast all day.

Should I use it before or after washing my face?


Will it irritate my sensitive skin?

No, the product contains natural extracts that will not harm your skin.

If I have acne, will the product worsen the condition?

No, since the product is extracted from natural mineral water, it will not interact with existing wounds from acne.

Is it dangerous if it gets in my eyes?

There’s no danger since our ingredients are extracted from nature with no chemical additives, so you can spray anywhere on your face.

Will it brighten my face?

The positively charged substances in tourmaline water are effective in penetrating skin cells for instant moisturizing and noticeably soft and refreshed skin you can feel at the first spray. The anti-free radical properties of tourmaline water help strengthen skin cells, lift your face, and make it moist and vibrant.

What do I do if I am sensitive to the product?

Truthfully, our products are suitable for all skin types since we use nearly 100% natural extracts. However, if you are truly sensitive to the product, it is recommended that you wash your face with clean water and consult a dermatologist at once.

If I have sensitive skin, can I still use this product?

Yes, since our product contains natural extracts, it is appropriate for all skin types.

How many applications can I get from 1 bottle?

It depends on your daily use.

If I use the product often, will it be dangerous?

The product is harmless and can be used all day.

Is the product FDA approved?

All products are FDA-approved (wait for the FDA Registration no.).

Are there any side effects after discontinuation?

No side effects.

Is product satisfaction guaranteed?

Guaranteed satisfaction within 7 days. In case of dissatisfaction, the customer will be refunded (subject to Company’s conditions).

If I want to obtain product information and ask for after-sale service, what are the channels through which I can make an inquiry?

A. Channel 1: You can read detailed information on the website olesteskincare.com
Channel 2: You can discuss or ask about products at:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/olesteskincare/
Line :
Channel 3: Contact the Call Center (wait for the number)

When ordered online, how long does it take to deliver?

Approximately 3 business days. You can check the delivery section on the website olesteskincare.com


  1. Rich with minerals that help strengthen skin cells for found in dry skin
  2. Positive ions in Tourmaline water are highly effective at penetrating skin cells for an immediate increase in moisture resulting in softer and revitalized skin with the first spray. The anti-radical property of Tourmaline water helps strengthen skin cells and provides a face-lifting effect with a moist and radiant skin.
  3. Mineral Ecology water helps cosmetics stay on the skin all day long. It can be sprayed at any time during the day to increase moisture for your face without smudging your cosmetics.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, the product should be used with O’lesté Whitening Cream, O’lesté Facial Cleanser, and O’lesté Nano Serum.


After cleansing the face, spray the product onto the face and neck (should be done before putting on makeup) and can be sprayed at any time during the day to increase moisture for your face.


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