Yanhee Pink Gel


Yanhee Pink Gel is using to reduce dark skin around areola area and make skin smooth

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TRANEXAMIC ACID: It helps spread the pigment. It inhibits the formation of melanin. Make the skin look darker and fade.
ARBUTIN: It acts as a catalyst for skin cells to inhibit the formation of melanin.
Extracted from the bark and parts of many plants. It is a powerful substance. And safest Help make white.
LACTIC ACID: Has an accelerating effect on the skin (peeling) to help smooth skin. And the same color. Helps smooth the skin. Skin color regularly.
CITRIC ACID: Derived from nature With starch fermentation Or derived from lemon juice. Or pineapple juice The extract is Citrate.
GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA ROOT: Reduce inflammation. Reduce the effect of UVB light. This will stimulate melanin pigmentation. Reduces cracks in the skin. The skin is clear white.
– Helps to restore damaged skin.
– Skin is watery and bright.
– Reduces inflammation, stimulates new skin cells.
GLYCINE SOJA PROTEIN: Moisturize Helps smooth the skin. Bright, natural, Reduce dark spots.
Fatty Acid to moisturize the skin. Acts as a thin film Cover the surface Helps restore the skin’s surface, leaving the skin dry.
– Helps slow down wrinkles. Reduce dark spots, ruffles and look faded.
– Helps inhibit the movement of melanin. Helps smooth the skin. The skin is white.
– To help remove dead skin cells to go faster.
– Make acne / dark spots look fade.
– Encourages the formation of collagen. Reduce wrinkles.
– stop melanin cells

BTH (Butylated hydroxytoluene): Act as Antioxidants
It also has the ability to moisturize the skin as well.
GLUTATHIONE: enzyme glutathione or cysteine (cysteine) side effects help skin whiten. In nature, we can find glutathione in fruits such as watermelon, strawberry, grape, honey.
TOCOPHEROL: is vitamin E to nourish the skin. Prevents and repairs skin wear. Helps to prolong and prevent skin aging.
Help slow down Helps reduce the appearance of aging. Reduces inflammation of the skin. And help prevent the harm caused by UV.
VITAMIN C: Helps whiten and clear. It inhibits the destruction of elastin and collagen.
Reduce dark spots. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making skin more elastic.
How to use
Put cream small amount on finger, apply a thin, and gently massage the nipple area.
Daily use 2 times a morning / bedtime.
Effective within 14 days.


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